Kung fu fighting moves

kung fu fighting moves

At my Martial Arts school in Tempe Arizona called Phoenix Longevity Arts, Kung Fu / Tai Chi we teach. Real Fighting Techniques of Green Dragon Kung Fu! Enjoy Hit "SUBSCRIBE", Click "Like", Leave a. At first you'll be doing your moves just in the air, but eventually you'll want to If you're looking to practice kung fu against others, you'll need the fighting stance.


Kung Fu Real Fighting Techniques ..... Wow Finding more than one source can help you know that you're doing it correctly. In this position, you're fully prepared to protect your face and keep attacks from being effective. Stand in fighter's stance, your left foot in front of your right. What's more, there are some people out there that claim to be experts when they're really not. Block your opponent by grabbing their arm, and launching at them with a stomp starke merkur spiele. kung fu fighting moves

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