Rango rattlesnake jake

rango rattlesnake jake

some of the best scenes when it comes to Jake. Bill Nighy was absolutely phenomenal as Rattlesnake Jake. Rattlesnake Jake: [sees bullet] One bullet. I tip my hat to you One legend to another. Rattlesnake Jake: [to Rango ] Thirsty "Brother"? [fills a glass with his. Which is your favorite? English - Spanish - Portuguese (Portugal) - Portuguese (Brazil) -.


Rango - Rattlesnake Jake

Rango rattlesnake jake - Jahr 2017

This was was only momentary however, as he quickly realized that the "hawk" was nothing but a bunch of bats flying in formation. This suggests that he can be quite manipulative. With the help from the hill clan, Rango defeats Rattlesnake Jake and is about to shoot him, but the Mayor threatens Beans' life, forcing Rango to surrender to the Mayor. He is extremely cruel and vicious; he is constantly seen using violence to threaten others, and shows no apparent mercy to his victims. After a rough landing, he angrily turned on Rango, threatening to blow him to kingdom come, but was sent running for cover when the huge shadow of a hawk passed over him. Flagstaff, Arizona , United States. rango rattlesnake jake

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