Pokemon diamond wiki

pokemon diamond wiki

Pokémon Diamant-Edition (jap. ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド, Poketto Monsutā: Daiyamondo) . Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection ist der . Links auf diese Seite · Änderungen an verlinkten Seiten · Spezialseiten · Permanenter Link · Seiteninformationen · Wikidata -Datenobjekt · Artikel zitieren  ‎ Welt und Handlung · ‎ Gameplay · ‎ Rezeption. Pokemon Diamond wiki at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Diamond (Japanese: ダイヤモンド Diamond, abbreviated to ダイヤ Dia) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures and one of the male main. pokemon diamond wiki Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Von A bis Z Zufälliger Artikel. As of Alternate Dimension Showdown IVhe is level 65 and has a Hardy nature. Thankfully, they were saved by Fantinawho took them to the Lost Tower. Retrieved 24 November Coronet Route Sunyshore City Route Victory Road The Elite Four Fight Area and Battle Tower Route Route Resort Area Route

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Before the Contest starts, Jordan gives the player a Poffin that improves all five conditions. Personal tools Create account Log in. Coronet , although they believed they were on a reality show and Platinum was the host. The protagonist encounters the antagonistic team, Team Galactic, early in the game, when he or she must save Professor Rowan from some of their thugs; however, their motives are unclear until later. Coronet, but they soon discovered that the cavern they entered would not lead to the summit, and therefore had to continue their journey on to the eastern side of Sinnoh. With this you can tell how high your Pokemon's level is, and if they have had an egg.

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The newly reunited trio then regrouped with Cynthia and headed to the Spear Pillar , where Diamond and Pearl split up with Platinum and Cynthia and time and space begins to distort. Juli um The game is set in the fictional island of Sinnoh , a land divided by the giant Mt. Retrieved 11 April Main Series games , Games , Generation IV. Drifblim was borrowed from Platinum after she borrowed her from Fantina so she could take her to Canalave City. The movie featured Lucario , Bonsly , Mime Jr.


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