Starbound pet slots

starbound pet slots

Today I check out the mods PUNCH, Slot Machine and NPC Pets. Links to all the mods in this video are. So I'm fairly new to Starbound, I've only been playing the last few days, but I'm not sure how pets work. Are they just not implemented. Die Pet - Slots sind für Begleiter gedacht, welche man mit sich führen kann. Diese werden oft auch Pets (Haustiere) genannt. Sehr wahrscheinlich gibt es dann. The Food Tab holds any crop seeds, edible items, food ingredients, and crafted foods. There are three Inventory tabs with a total of inventory slots. Education really has fallen down a deep dark hole. Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Prono mobile Policy and Content Policy.


Starbound 1.0 preview: Capturing Pets & Applying Collars

Starbound pet slots - einen 100

You are correct in assuming they are not implemented yet. This is an archived post. Submit a new text post. What are the pet slots for? Backpack Selecting the Backpack icon will open 40 inventory slots to store misc. Bring the health of the creature you want to get to a minimum to increase your chances of capturing it.

Starbound pet slots - office has

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