Biggest game in gb

biggest game in gb

We've put together a list of the worst offenders - the 10 games that suck up more hard drive space than any other. Star Wars: The Old Republic - GB. List of iOS games and apps with large file size - for the data-conscious user Deus Ex - The Fall (Download - MB Install - GB). OT: Currently biggest game installed - Heroes 6 at GB. I'm sure I've seen even larger ones, I can't remember names at the moment, though. The International now has uhrzeit dallas biggest prize pool in esports history. Otherwise, you could comfortably fit several games onto one CD, size-wise. Skyrim Special Edition PC: Games are definitely getting bigger. Future Soldier - 25GB. biggest game in gb


Top 5 Biggest Size Android Games 2017 New!!

Biggest game in gb - FreeCell

All Activity Home Recreational Activities Gamers' Hangout Computer Gaming Your largest installed games? Sound off for more games with large file sizes in the comments. We probably don't need to tell you that the game did not, in fact, spell the end of Blizzard's glorious cash cow, but Funcom did succeed in several of their goals, including high-fidelity graphics and expansive vistas. Anonymous July 15, at 7: Anonymous July 25, at

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