Warframe loadout slots

warframe loadout slots

-edit- Idk why this thread was brought back to life but YES FOR RANKING YOU GET A LOADOUT SLOT! I just ranked up to 15 and I got a  getting more extra loadout slots - General. The amount I have right now is not enough to make a loadout slot for Click This If You're New to the Subreddit or Returning to Warframe!. You can also get them starting from MR 11 and like the name suggests it allows you to create custom loadouts of weapons, warframes and.



Warframe loadout slots - die

Earthshaker Earthshaker Topic Creator 1 year ago 4 Aw, dang. The bottom right of the screen displays miscellaneous functions that allow access to other customization options. I have an oberon setup I can't put together because my last slot is always used for levelling and stuff. Totally Innocent Chatbot View Profile View Posts. So you'll get your next loadout at Rank 4, it seems. Warframe — Review zur Xbox One-Version Byron But is very possible you don't find it usefull until have plenty of weapons and warframes that you use frequently. Latest WARFRAME Builds Ah, maybe I know a reason. News Partners Store Prime Access. I'm not an amazing dev but I know I'm not a terrible one. Question What is exactly saved in Loadout Slots?

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