Darksiders slot bonuses

Each weapon has one enhancement slot, and enhancements can be swapped Passive effect: Damage bonus with environmental weapons. The Harvester can be leveled fully just like the Scythe and does have a slot, so there is nothing you are missing out on. ^ I've already got it to. Ulthane Bonus Cutscene: Improvised Kills Achievement - 1) so like what did you miss you have an.

Darksiders slot bonuses - Fans von SpongeBob

Enhancements , Darksiders Legendary Enhancements , Darksiders Enhancements. I'm not sure either why this isn't a passive ability, but whatever makes them happy. Added soul bonus when slotted to the Scythe Passive effect: Well, if u collected or found the slotted bonus that looks like a spiked ball and chain you can slot that on your weopon and just go back and forth slashing enemy's, maxed out my sword doin that, only have 2 more to do Sign up for free!

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